PHILIPPINE Airlines pilots go on strike crippling the Philippine flag carrier and forcing it to cut down on its routes and flights.

Talks continue to encourage those who quit, are quitting, and want to quit to stay on. After all this is the Philippine flag carrier.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Hundreds of long-suffering Hacienda Luisita workers have finally received mere pittance for their sufferings. The deal is not yet final, the Supreme Court reminds Hacienda Luisita to wait for the court word on it.

What's not being said is why would a big group of key personnel of a flag carrier leave en masse and what were those papers that the poor and downtrodden were signing as they received their pittance? Why are we more interested in the heartaches of Kris Aquino over what James Yap mother said?

What is not being said is that the country's flag carrier is trying to hold on to its key personnel with rates that are not even competitive in the industry.

What is not being said is that Hacienda Luisita has somehow already gotten the signatures of the downtrodden. What is not being said is that James Yap's mother just stated the truth that they are of poor origins and the Aquinos are Aquinos that's why they have a Hacienda.

So let's get on with our lives and attack reality as we should, by demanding that flag carriers should not only carry the Philippine flag but should also give the country some pride, by demanding that Hacienda Luisita come out clean on what those signatures were all about and what they intend to do with those, and yes, that the poor have more important concerns than one family breaking up.

Focus. That's what we need as a people, to see and unmask injustices as they come, let those accountable clean up their acts, and relegate showbiz news to what they really are: entertainment. Otherwise, we will be swamped in so many illusions of importance, while lulled into a false sense of intelligence and development.