CITY OF SAN FERNANDO-- The region’s pioneer radio station, DWRW 95.1 FM, a member of the Laus Group of Companies (LGC), celebrates 15 years of broadcasting and being “on air” today, Tuesday.

In 1994, LGC Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Levy P. Laus contemplated on having a broadcasting network, which would answer the clamor of folks from the region for a responsive, truthful and well meaning medium.

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At that time, Kapampangans depended primarily on Manila-based radio and TV stations for news and information. A man with a vision for the countryside, Laus, deemed it was time to have an effective information facility: a radio station that would cater exactly to the people’s needs.

After months of planning and evaluation, DWRW 95.1 FM finally went on a test broadcast on the evening of August 8, 1995 with Kenny Rogers’ “She Believes in Me” as the first song aired. Formally blessed and inaugurated on August 17, 1995 in time for the Laus’ birthday, the event marked a significant milestone in Pampanga history.

The station proved its mettle when the province continued to bear the brunt of Mt. Pinatubo in 1995 and the ensuing lahar flows and floods that devastated much of the province. The network became the voice and the watchdog on air, delivering blow-by-blow accounts and advisories.

In 2007, for its feat, DWRW 95.1 FM was adjudged the Best FM Station in the country during the 16TH KBP Golden Dove Awards.

On its 15th year, 95.1 RWFM has moved on to become one of the best in “infotainment radio” in the countryside. Backed by proficient men and women in their operations headed by veteran broadcast journalist Perry Pangan, the station continues to entertain its audience with top rated radio shows like Sunday Memory Hitback and Radiant Wednesday.

But even now the commitment to serve the public is unwavering. DWRW continually seeks to take broadcasting in the countryside to greater heights, constantly improving musical programs, and seeking the highest standards in professionalism in the reporting of news of current affairs and public issues.

DWRW shall stay on the airwaves as the radio of the people, echoing their optimism of a bright future. As it says, “Keni na ka!” (Jovi T. De Leon)