TOWNS promoted their tourist spots in the One Cebu Expo that closed yesterday.

Representatives from the different towns showcased in the exhibition at the Cebu International Convention Center their local delicacies, as well as tourism spots developed in partnership with the local government units.

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Elena Mangubat of the Borbon Municipal Government said the town is “constantly promoting our resorts during exhibits, fairs and seminars that the Provincial Government organizes.”

“With the help also of the government, we are developing our river cruise in Silmugi River, which takes the visitors either in a banca or a big raft along the river to the open sea,” she said.

Silmugi River is expected to be launched as a destination next year. Mangubat said they are still continuously looking for additional funds to finish the development of the site.

Still developing

The Malubog Lake in Toledo City, meanwhile, offers visitors a tour of the man-made body of water where they can catch fish and cook it themselves in cottages located in the middle of the lake.

Jun Labra of the Toledo City Tourism Office said, “We are still developing this lake but there are already tourists who communicated with our office and visited the place.”

Plans for the lake include a livelihood training center, more cottages, souvenir shops, a resort hotel and a floating restaurant.

With Southern Cebu considered as heritage frontiers, municipalities like Oslob, Ronda, and Boljoon boast of their rich history and historical sites.

Oslob, famous for Sumilon Island, offers the Cuartel, an old Spanish barracks currently being developed to have shops for tourists.

Ronda, on the other hand, has old statues surrounding the town, including the depiction of the 14 stations of the cross, the old cemetery and a cave used by wartime guerrillas.

“We want the people to know that there are a lot of sites to visit in Ronda and being a member of the heritage council, we are lucky to be able to join exhibits and seminars to bring more awareness to our place,” said Councilor Eugenio Layagan,

chairman of Ronda’s tourism office.

Old structures

Boljoon, with its old structures, is famous for the San Patrocinio de Maria Church, the oldest original stone church in Cebu. In 1999, the National Historical Institute declared it a national historical landmark. The following year, the National Museum declared it a national cultural treasure.

“Southern Cebu is very rich in history. That’s why we developed the Heritage Walk, which will take tourists on different historical sites in our town,” said Boljoon town employee Ronald Villanueva.

The tour, which takes from one to two hours, brings visitors to historical structures including the old Boljoon bridge, the Baluarte sa Fuente, Baño sa Poblacion, Ili Rock and old houses in the town.

“Before, tourists just pass by Boljoon, take a photo of the church and then go to another town so we had no economic activity,” Villanueva said. He said the Heritage Walk encouraged tourists to stay for the night in their resorts.

He said aside from guides fielded by the town government, they also accredited and trained as tour guides some of the town’s tricycle drivers. Villanueva said these drivers have identification cards and are knowledgeable on historical sites in the town.