WITH the recent warning of a robbery group in Cebu and the robbery incidents that

continue to occur, those in the business of providing security hope fellow entrepreneurs see the need for security in their own establishments.

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Lawyer Leopoldo Blanco Jr., director of the Philippine Association of Detective and Protective Agency Operators (Padpao), said security is also an important factor to maintain profitability.

“We cannot take security for granted,” Blanco told Sun.Star Cebu.

He said that aside from being a deterrent to would-be criminals, employees who see their proprietors take security seriously will also be on their toes and will have second thoughts about pilfering stocks or cheating on collection remittances.


Blanco said that even in their business, they have to be strict with the kind of guards they are employing or else they will become liabilities.

He noted that the private security sector also contributes to peace and order, saying the 31,000 security guards in Central Visayas is five times the number of police personnel in the region.

Aside from being a business, Blanco pointed out that the private security guards serve as force multipliers.

While he admitted they are not as skilled as the police or military in reacting to situations, Blanco said the presence of security guards gives criminal elements second thoughts about pulling off a crime.

“Can you imagine the chaos in the community if there are no private security guards?” he said.

He admitted, though, that their clients only sustain the services of security agencies if their own businesses are doing well.

While most of the bigger clients maintain the number of security guards they employ, Blanco said factors such as wage increases led some clients to reduce the number of guards or terminate their services altogether.

He explained that wage hikes also lead them to increase the rates they ask of their clients.

He added that theft incidents will lead establishments to conduct investigations, but not hire security personnel.