AN OFFICIAL of the Department of Education (DepEd) proposes on Monday for the enhancement of the agency’s acceleration program after 99 percent of takers in 2009 failed the exam.

Estrella Feneral, testing coordinator and program specialist in values and research of the DepEd Cagayan de Oro Schools Division Promotion Office, said out of the 110 students from both the elementary and secondary levels who took the exam in 2009, only four passed.

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Feneral said two of the passers have advanced to grade VI from their actual enrolment in Grade IV after passing the examination.

In 2008, she said no one passed the exam out of 120 students.

“This could prompt the DepEd to enhance its program and maybe, to have a series of reviews for the students before taking the examination to at least, increase the number of passers,” Feneral said.

However, she said the students may no longer have extra time for reviews as they are having their basic education studies in school.

Under the DepEd’s Philippine Educational Placement Test (PEPT) program, over age students from public schools may apply for the acceleration program and be assessed on what education status they should be admitted.

Twelve to 13 years old are considered over age students when enrolled at Grade I to V but he or she has a chance to be accelerated to high school, depending on the test results.

Feneral said students admitted to high school whose ages are supposed to be for college level may also take the acceleration examination.

Interested individuals may submit a report card, 1x1 picture, Form 137 and pay a registration fee of P50 at the Promotion Office of City Schools Division located inside the City Central School.

Feneral said applicants are given only until August 30 to submit the requirements.

Though the test results are unsatisfactory, Feneral said the division office expects an increase of test takers this year.