SJI Elementary outplayed Team 90s, 24-26 25-23 25-19, while Team 70s/80s defeated Team 2k, 25-16, 24-26 25-22 in the 2nd SJI Alumni Volleyball Friendship Cup played at the Msgr. John B. Liu Activities Center.

Team 90s expended so much energy to come from behind to take set 1, but fell behind at the start of the second set as SJI Elementary Martha Araneta and Catherine Pollentes spiking winners gave the elementary a comfortable lead and Myka Montelibano service ace made it 15-7.

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Team 90s became aggressive in the net as spikes by Jhonna Rogacion, Alice Barcelona and Katrina Lacson against Pollentes smash to cut the lead at 17-12.

Pollentes spikes continue to give problems for the Team 90s reception as she made the next 3 points to give the Elementary a commanding 21-12 lead. Team 90s' Katrina Lacson service winners and the team's better reception followed by Pollentes spiking errors, Team 90s cut the deficit to 3 points.

Team 90s continue to ride their momentum behind service winners of Merlouine Gayondato and setter Michelle Ditching giving better setups for spikers Bar-celona and Patrice Romero. It was the turn of the elementary to commit spiking errors as Teams 90s grabbed the lead at 23-22.

But the SJI Elem, getting its second wind, had better reception and forcing team 90s to commit a spiking error and Lyka Yusay's good return near the net and Pollentes finished the set with a strong service winner. Team 90s took an early 5-4 lead behind Lacson and Gayondato, but Pollentes spikes and Renalyn Hachero service winners gave the Elementary a 9-6 lead.

Rogacion spike and Erica Nicola service winner cut the lead to 1 but Pollentes and Araneta kills set up by Yusay and Hachero made it 17-10. Two net spiking errors by elementary and Pamela Romero spiking winner gave Team 90s three straight points, but service and spiking errors by Team 90s stymied their rally, after a Nicola tip-in cut the lead to 4 points. The rally of Team 90s is stymied by their errors with Nicola back-to-back tip-in and Romero service ace cut the deficit to 23-19.

Elementary Therese Maravilla spike just hit the back line and Pollentes quick spike in the middle gave Elementary the clincher. In the 2nd game, the second set battle went down the wire as Team 70s/80s took an early 4-1 lead behind Liza Calangan spikes and tip-in and Rosario Araneta service winners. But Team 2K responded with Catherine Suarez service winners to take a 7-5 lead. Calangan and Jessica Plana spikes hit its mark but back to back service errors kept the lead to team 2k, 12-10.

Catherine Suarez and setter Patrice Romero battled the spikers of Lizette Tamayo, Calangan and service winner by Hera Mirano to tie the count at 15-all.

The spikers of the 70s/80s were hitting their marks but service errors continue to hound as they continue to give away the points to 2K adding that Jhessa Lio and Catherine Suarez was able to score on kills to tie the game at 21-all.

Calangan step up as she scored on two smash on the gaps and scored on a service ace to make it 24-22, but Team 2K Kathleen Tan made the right plays as she first scored on a spike, then watch 70s/80s crumble on two spiking errors and Tan finished the set with a smashed that bounced off the receivers of the 70s/80s.

Tan continued to score this time with her services and Isabelle Juson and Carmela Suarez spikes gave Team 2K an early 5-1 lead. Both teams was aggressive in the net as a Lizette blocked Calangan and Plana spiking attacks against Juson, Tan and Catherine Suarez kills and service winners as team 2K kept the lead at 13-12.

Juson back-to-back spikes and two service winners of Patrice Romero gave 2K a 17-12 lead. With Cynthia Causing doing the setup after Calangan spiking winner, she added a service winner and Plana delivered two kills to tie the game at 17-all.

Main setter Cynthia Causing who played only in the 3rd set continue to give good setup to the spikers. Plana two strikes and Ione Cornejo service ace put them to take three points. Tan and Juson struck back with well place spike in the gaps to give 2K a 21-20 lead. But 2K committed two errors and Mirano delivered a chop return and a Plana service winner put 70s/80s on the hill 24-21. After Tan scored on a return, Catherine Suarez service error handed the set to the 70s/80s.

Team Standings SJI High School Varsity got 18 points to top the standing with 70s/80s and 2K are tied with 14 points, SJI Elementary (4 games) with 15 points and 90s with 11. (Stephen Tan)