WHERE would you go to buy sun-ripened mangoes and fresh green vegetables? Go to the bridge!

Bridges Town Square is a relatively new destination in Mandaue City that is slowly shaping up to be among the city’s interesting places to visit. In this small mall is Oyster Bay, a fresh seafood place with a beach ambiance. Then there’s Ambassador Café with its breads and continental food.

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For grocery items, there’s Coop Centrum, which sells grocery dry good items at low prices because it is cooperative-owned, but which is open not only to its members but also to the general public. Coop Centrum is, according to Dominic Alegrado—president of Vivace Development Corporation, which developed Bridges—the country’s first cooperative-owned supermarket.

It has 20,000 members from its 20-member cooperatives that are based not only in Mandaue, but also is the cities of Lapu-Lapu and Cebu, and Bohol, Leyte and Negros.

Beside the Coop Centrum is the Kumprahan Supermerkado, which sells pork, beef, chicken, fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables, also at low prices. The fruits and vegetables are particularly cheap on some days—Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays—when the Supermerkado hosts its grand farmer days. Like the tabo in towns and bigger barrios, these are the days when farmers come to sell their produce directly to the buyers at the venue.

Newly opened in this mall is a branch of the Development Bank of the Philippines. Soon to open are Money Talks, a money changing shop, Rose Pharmacy and Customwood with its showroom for kitchen cabinets and furniture.

Other expected locators are Pan de Manila, with its healthy breads baked in old-fashioned ovens, and Julie’s Bake Shop.

With more locators expected to join the Bridges Town Square Community, this mall, with its large parking area, will be a fitting addition to the industrial city that is Mandaue.