THE government and many non-government organizations have adopted the slogan “May Pera sa Basura” in the thick of saving the environment. 

The battle cry combines two goals- livelihood by making money out of garbage and encouraging proper waste management.

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Many useful environment products were born out of the catchword. Sagay City is one proud local government unit in the Negros Occidental province to have created “Basuling” that literally means “Uling Galing sa Basura” or charcoal made from garbage. 

Rizza Palacios, a Solid Waste Management staff of Sagay explained to PIA how the item is made. 

First, market and garden wastes are gathered and shredded to small bits. Then, it is left to decompose for two to three weeks. Within that period, the matter will thoroughly melt and the foul smell fades. Using bare hands, the substance is then molded into a rounded mass and dried under the sun for one week of good sunlight. It will be more than that on cooler days.


After that, Basuling is now made ready for market in P2 or P5 pack.


Palacios said they have received good feedbacks from those who tried the product because it is cheap and efficient.  

In one environment fair they participated in, two sacks of Basuling were easily sold, she added. 

With more exposures, she believes Basuling can get a better market share from charcoal users and at the same time contribute to the preservation of environment. (PR)