THE man who was found dead with marks on his neck was not killed by a vampire or a blood-sucking night creature locally called as "wakwak" but a wild animal, police operatives said.

Police Inspector Ullyses Gere, chief of Police Station 10 in Cugman, said a vampire killing the man found in Barangay Cugman is unbelievable.

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"It is possible that the victim was bitten by a wild animal," Gere said.

Luis Lumain, 43, married and a resident of Upper Zone 10 in Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City, was found dead inside his nipa hut Saturday morning.

Residents in the area believed a wakwak bitten as he bore a mark in the neck.

Gere said when they responded to the scene, they saw Lumain's head hanging in his bed.

Aside from the mysterious cut in Lumain's neck, other parts of his body also showed contusion, showing that a blood-sucker was responsible for his death.

Police said robbery is not considered as motive for the attack since the victim's valuables were still intact.

As of this posting, police has yet to receive the result of the autopsy on Lumain. (SV)