GENERALLY, education starts at a very young age as it begins at home.

From the moment children were born, their mental, moral and physical powers started to develop which they utilize everyday at the same time.

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It is a common knowledge that education is the process of learning and obtaining knowledge at school, in the form of a formal education.

However, the truth is that the educational process does not only start when a child first attends formal schooling in a classroom setting.

A child does not only acquire knowledge from a teacher. He or she can learn and receive knowledge from a parent, family member and even from an acquaintance.

In our society, however, the knowledge obtained at home may not be enough to achieve success. It is inevitable for anyone who wants to attain his or her dream of a better future to acquire formal education from a learning institution like the school.

Unfortunately, there are still places in the world where children are deprived of receiving formal types of education due to limited opportunities and sometimes there are no enough resources to provide for their formal schooling.

We all know that education is the key that allows people for career growth, to seek better jobs, and ultimately become successful in life.

Education is very important, and no one should be deprived of it.

The chain of education starts from the parents and school teachers.

Edward A. Dela Pena

Head Teacher III

San Agustin Elementary School

Candaba West District