CITY OF SAN FERNADO -- A bar defended Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan for his recent campaign against establishments showing lewd shows in this city.

Pamintuan was even named "pro-foreign investor."

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

In a statement posted on its website, Margarita Station said Pamintuan's campaign is focused on bars that are not abiding the rules and guidelines of the City Government against lewd shows.

Pamintuan earlier ordered a crackdown on bars holding lewd shows and even those that are in violation of the anti-human trafficking laws.

Pamintuan even ordered different departments of the City Government to review all business permits issued to establishments, as an initial move to identify the legality of their operations.

Two weeks ago, Ponytail Bar was raided by operatives of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) headed by Chief Inspector Randy Glenn Silvio for the alleged violations.

The incident had given rise to negative reactions among bar owners in the city.

However, the administrator of the Margarita Station website defended Pamintuan, stating that the mayor's initiatives are for the best interest of the tourists and the bar industry in Angeles City.

"Mayor Pamintuan has no hidden agenda and is, in fact, very pro-expat and pro foreign visitors. I believe he will allow the nightlife in Balibago to continue to operate and will even support projects to make it a safer place for tourists as long as the owners and tourists don't bring shame on Angeles City and Filipino," the website administrator said.

Also, Margarita Station advised bar owners in Angeles City to comply with existing guidelines to avoid being closed down.

"Today, anybody's post on an open forum on the Web about a happening in Angeles could result in the closure of establishments mentioned in that post. Filipinos frequent all the clubs in the entertainment area. They see signs advertising special parties and it is very easy for them to attend and notify authorities of events that do not meet the mayor's standards," the website post read.

Pamintuan has also ordered an all-out anti human-trafficking mission to numerous city departments and police stations in the city "to hunt and close down any establishment or syndicate group guilty of human trafficking."

The mayor has also issued a new set of rules to be implemented in all nightlife establishments, which includes the ban of all special bar events promoting overly erotic shows, among others.