TELLTALE invites to the induction of the officers and new members of Ikebana International Cebu Chapter 145, truly showed the members’ love and devotion to their craft, the Japanese art of flower arrangement (ikebana).

Artistically designed on beige paper were bursts of pink and green blooms depicting nature. The rites were held at the Casino Español where ladies with green thumb donned in pristine white tops and dark pants took took their oath for the year.

Inducting officer was Honorary Consul of Spain Jaime Picornell.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

The mood was formal, but light banter and laughter were the order of the day. Surprise! Someone announced—and enter a patadyong-clad Norma Sanchez as the girl, and maong-clad Laling Javier as the boy doing a rollicking Pasayawa Ko, ‘Day.

In conclusion, we’d like to congratulate the Ikebanians for a very entertaining afternoon!


After her hubby’s untimely demise, Paz Pelaez immersed herself in solitude, and with the children abroad, decided to dabble into painting. She initially took lessons with Norwegian artist Kardin Jordal, who activated Paz’s creative juices. With that in place, she then formally took art classes in Connecticutt, USA, near her children’s residence. This motivated her even more.

Upon return to Cebu, she decided: “Why not?” and opened her first one-woman show, tiled “The Works of Paz Pelaez,” at the Pelaez Bldg. on A.S. Fortuna St. The 20 pieces manifested strong influences of her favorite artists, Van Gogh and Monet.

But a personal side of Paz was also shown from her many travels to Europe and the USA.

As of this writing, she’s back in the USA, and we she will take part in the New Haven (Conn.) creative art workshop sponsored by Yale University. More canvases, Paz!


It has been a traumatic and hectic week for me, tending to my husband Joe at the hospital. But thanks to the amazing anatomical structural engineering job (read as spinal surgery) of Dr. Jose “Jojo” Flordelis and his team from the Cebu Orthopaedic Institute, and his top cardiologist, Dr. Manuel Tan Lim—Joe is as good as new.

Knowing full well the delicate nature of spinal surgery, Joe was super confident that all would be well, and it was. Talk about trust in your doctor, and this was it.

Thanks, Jojo and Maning!