GLOBAL Placement Providers Services, Ltd. (GPPS) London director Jocelyn Lantron said in a phone interview that she will send copies of the receipts issued directly by her London office to show proof of legitimacy of its operation in Bacolod.

Her statement came after five complainants claimed that GPPS Bacolod failed to produce their visas since they applied in 2009 as well as to issue official receipts for the payments they made to the company. The complainants also demanded refund of the payment made.

However, Lantron reiterated that she cannot refund the said amount as it is too small compared to the amount that the company shelled out to pay the complainants' enrollment, living expenses, processing and documentation fees and courier expenses for their visa requirements from the British Embassy.

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Earlier, Lantron said, none of the five complainants had paid the P100,000.

"Abonado ako sina so that they can appear before the British Embassy" (I cover up their financial deficiency in order for them to appear before the British Embassy), she said.

She added that the receipts will be sent to the office of Councilor Sonya Verdeflor to help the City Council of Bacolod in their endeavor to legislate the overseas Filipino worker (OFW) Council Ordinance. However, Lantron refused to disclose the amount stated in the receipts.

"How difficult is it for the five complainants to understand that they applied and appeared before the British Embassy to personally submit their passports and pertinent papers and not to GPPS? And that the rule is very clear that they have to write the embassy in English stating their decision to withdraw?," she said

She added that the same rule stated no refund until their sponsoring college released their papers and the embassy rejects their application.

None of them ever wrote the embassy and furnished GPPS declaring their withdrawal from the study program and visa, and, "technically", their applications are not yet rejected, Lantron said.

Nevertheless, GPPS wrote the British Embassy regarding the applicants' "misbehavior" but the embassy has not yet acted on the matter. Thus, the passports of the applicants remained in the embassy's possession. GPPS has no power over it, she explained.

Earlier, the City Council conducted a hearing following the complaints raised against GPPS' legitimacy of operation.

Among the complainants present during the hearing were Lirenz Kaye Gamboa, Janice Alacapa, Maritess Manayon, Marvie Ann Donguines and Liezl Segovia while GPPS was represented by Atty. Andres Hagad, Manila-based lawyer Purisimo Buyco, Phil Jury President Jim Garen and Antonino Gamboa and PR consultant Gil Severino.