ONE of the hazards of a public employment service office is the uncalled for dissatisfaction of applicants who belong mostly in the high school-and-below category. The officer in charge of this office must have the patience of the biblical Job and the charisma of one Richard Gordon or a Boking Morales to pacify or appease the unreasonable impatience being manifested by sweating and profusely perspiring job applicants. They discount the fact that they do not need to go to Manila just to submit their application slips, resumes and other credentials. They ignore the savings they get by going instead to a local office.

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It is a daily occurrence probably in any of the Peso offices nationwide that agitated job applicants whether for local placement or for overseas slots clamor for instant results on their applications which, in some instances, were only a week old. Yes, they want instant employment, but they discount the fact that there is yet a job matching process or the qualifying aspect. But no, they do not want to be informed that they did not qualify for the slots applied for: over-aged, physically-infirmed or simply lacking the skills needed for the job!

Little do these know, or care to know that in Peso offices, the official in charge and his or her staff frequently source out, scout for and ask around for job vacancies, at no cost to the applicants. Peso Congresses like the one scheduled in Tagaytay in October this year explore possibilities of accommodating almost all the applicants who call on the Peso offices throughout the week, even on Saturdays, just what Peso Mabalacat does in case there are many applicants who work during the week and only have time during Saturdays to pass their resumes or curriculum vitae.

Then there is the Peso Federation of Managers and Coordinators which main agenda is topped by finding ways to locate employers, ascertain their requirements or manpower and cascade the information to the applicants. In Peso Mabalacat, it is a procedure to communicate with local employers such as EEI Construction and find out the latter's manpower needs as what happened last month when the firm needed carpenters. Peso Mabalacat recommended several qualified carpenters who are now working at Clark.

Other active Peso Offices are in Angeles City, headed by Del Deocales, provincial office led by Luningning Y. Vergara, City of San Fernando, steered by Donnie Sayre and, of course, Peso Lubao. Magalang's Soc Umali is in constant touch with Peso Mabalacat for placement of the town's applicants. The Department of Labor and Employment Office assist these Peso offices.

There is never a dull moment in Peso offices which can compare in volume of work handled and done with other offices in the municipality or city such as the Civil Registrar's or Comelec.


Jobs abound for local and overseas placements. As can be seen in the internet, particularly, there are several openings being tendered by employers and again, as reported, the main reason advanced by the latter for non selection of applicants is their lack of the required skill or qualification, with or without Jejemon-style applications. Several college graduates do not even know the basics of preparing resumes or curriculum vitae and some of them even confuse curriculum vitae with vital statistics! Shame on them.


Your work abroad. YWA stands for work overseas, including Guam, Libya and parts of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and Asia. Based in Paco, Manila, YWA Human Resources Corp. was named a Top Performer in 2009 and continues to perform like a productive, hassle-free agency it is expected to be, not only by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA, but also by applicants and other similarly-placed agencies in the recruitment industry.

Last Tuesday, recruitment manager Janeesa Medina-Bacolod, assisted by Brian Michael Dantes, Operations Manager of Surion Interactive, a sister firm of YWA, made bio data selections and picked qualified applicants for future placement.

Also, EyeQuest International Manpower Services, Inc., with offices in Malate, conducted interviews for factory workers for Taiwan and domestic helpers for Hong Kong and other skills for Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Two weeks ago, another top performer, TUEM Manpower conducted interviews on job applicants at Marina Arcade, Dau.

There are more agencies expected to call on Peso Mabalacat like Gulf Horizon, Omanfil Mori International and EastWest Placement Center in order to give overseas workers more opportunities to be deployed.

In all these activities, Peso Mabalacat is in constant communication with POEA, both in Manila and its satellite office in Clark.


My belated greetings to Mr. Levy P. Laus on his birthday last August 17. This gentleman of the tallest (and highest) order deserves a more productive life span in order to help his brethren in their respective undertakings. More power, Sir Levy.