ARE you enjoying the Kadayawan Festival folks? I'm sure you are. I'm not, because I am out of the country again. So many visitors arrived from all over, even Filipinos from America are in Davao to take part in our much-awaited annual celebration.

So you're a tourist, had so much fun last night, and you woke up at noon today. You tell yourself--hmmm, what to do with twelve hours spent in Davao. You can visit the malls to avoid the heat or the rain. There are so many new gadgets today, buy them at the tiangge and midnight sales. You can look for interesting finds at the trade fair. And you can watch the cultural presentations. When you get hungry, eat at a fancy restaurant, or find meals below 50 pesos in Davao, now that is a challenge. You can walk the streets and buy street food, or kain sa mga sulok-sulok. Do not forget to watch the Indak Indak sa Kadalanan and the Floral Float parade. I am giving you reasons to set aside golf for a week and enjoy the Kadayawan.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

I can't believe I am going to miss the tribal dances and the parades. I will not be able to join the Kadayawan Canon photo competition also. What about my macro photography and sports photography?--my hobbies will have to be set aside as well since I need to attend to more important family matters.

Speaking of family matters, do you ever wonder about the kids these days? What happens after college? Many leave Davao to find work elsewhere. But, our city is booming, and we should convince the young generation to think twice before leaving Davao. If you think about it, Davao before and Davao today, what a difference. We should not forget that Davao was voted as one of the most livable cities in Southeast Asia. We have great weather, no typhoons, good food, less traffic, and a satisfactory peace and order situation. We have mountains, we have the sea, and the night scene is good, but no more drinks after 2am.

My column will not be considered a golf column if I do not talk about golf. So, what general topic must I talk about today? Someone suggested this--"how come the Chinese have yet to conquer US golf unlike the Koreans who have already established their foothold in the PGA and the LPGA?" I replied to Chito, "good point." It could be that the Koreans train harder in golf, while the Chinese invest more time training in other sports. Maybe the Korean government is more supportive with its golf training program.

Jorge Garcia suggested this--"a day in the life of an umbrella girl." I would love to write about this another time. Thank you for your great suggestion, cuz.

Congratulations to the winners of the 8th Monthly Medal Tournament of Rancho Palos Verdes Golf and Country Club held last August 14-15. They are as follows:

Overall gross champion - Jong Tan

Overall net champion - Kuresh Samanodi

Class A gross champion - Ting Castillo

Class A net champion - Joseph Ng

Class B gross champion - Faisal Samanodi

Class B net champion - Manny Nitorreda

Class C gross champion - Kang Yoon Il

Class C net champion - Gadi Sorilla

Class D gross champion - Andy Ugdoracion

Class D net champion - Vic Rosario

Seniors gross champion - Diemy Monedero

Seniors net champion - Louie Brodeth

Super Seniors gross champion - Milton Liu

Super Seniors net champion - Lito Laurel

Ladies gross champion - Liezel Apitan

Ladies net champion - Chon Young Rung

Jungolf 12-17 champion - Khalik Samanodi

Guests Div 1 gross champion - Roderick Lu

Guests Div 1 net champion - Apo Luna

Guests Div 2 gross champion - Boy Latayan

Guests Div 2 net champion - Nonoy Ponce