FOR their commitment to comply with intellectual property rights, seven Cebu-based businesses were awarded the “IP Seal” by an organization that aims to protect

intellectual property rights (IPR) in the country.

The IP Coalition said the seal is given to businesses that provide services and products while strictly practicing intellectual property compliance.

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IP Coalition secretary general Numeriano Rodriguez said the awardees serve as “IP icons” and are role models for best practices.

He said an IP seal for the business assures clients that its product or service is of excellent quality, original, safe and legitimate.

Rodriguez said the Philippines is seen as a “safe haven” for pirates and counterfeiters, and it is their dream to change that outlook by cultivating awareness and respect for intellectual property rights.

The IP Seal awards honors businesses committed to complying with intellectual property rights.

The awardees were Alcon Industries Inc., manufacturer of furniture, wind chimes, chandeliers, ornamental décor and other house wares; Dash Engineering Philippines Inc., an engineering design firm serving international clientele; Golden Peak Hotel and Business Suites, awarded for being an outstanding business hotel; Jojo’s Food Products Inc., which manufactures and exports dried tropical fruits; My Rock Export-Import Inc., a company that manufactures toys, souvenirs, jewelry and décor; Nature’s Legacy, a company selling home furnishings and garden accessories incorporating locally abundant raw materials in its designs; and Papicture Studio, a digital imaging and video suite specializing in wedding video and photo services.

Last year, the IP Coalition awarded the Ayala Center Cebu and Campaign Cebu.

“By displaying the seal, the public is immediately notified that they are dealing with a business that is a cut above the rest,” Rodriguez said yesterday.

The organization invites interested establishments to practice IP compliance. If they show interest, companies are asked to commit to incorporate in their policies IP compliance and to try to expand awareness to their business partners.

They also encourage companies to be choosy when dealing with suppliers and other partners, saying they should also pick those who are complying with IPR.