CEBU Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia is seriously considering expelling Daanban-tayan Mayor Ma. Luisa Loot from One Cebu for calling her a dictator and for the other statements she issued against the governor.

Garcia said she talked to Rep. Benhur Salim-bangan, the congressman of Loot’s district, and the latter said he was embarrassed by what the mayor did. Garcia said she, Salimbangon, and her brother, 3rd district Rep. Pablo John Garcia, who is the secretary general of One Cebu, will discuss Loot’s case.

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When sought for her reaction, Loot said she’s not after One Cebu membership.

“Wa ko mahangol anang ilang One Cebu. Wa ko’y labot anang Gwen,” Loot said before cutting off the mobile phone interview with Sun.Star Cebu.

Garcia said that if Loot did not ask to be interviewed in several radio stations, the issue would have been put to rest but “she drew the first sword.”

Garcia said, however, that she will give Loot’s son, Provincial Board (PB) member Sun Shimura, due respect because he has a mind of his own and when he was mayor of Daanbantayan, he supported all the Capitol’s program, except for the feeding project.

On Loot’s statement that she is a dictator, Garcia said, “It takes one to know one... She has found her match.”

Dumanjug Mayor Nelson Garcia, president of the League of the Municipalities of the Philippines (LMP), said the group will pass a resolution condemning the act of Loot.

He also challenged Loot to name the mayors she claimed were complaining against his sister.

Loot had alleged that some mayors complained that the governor treated them as slaves.

Before Loot ended the interview, she laughed upon learning about Nelson’s plan to pass a resolution. She said that she will not give the names and that the mayors should be asked instead of her.

Gwendolyn said that she will not lose an ally in Loot but instead it’s Loot who will

lose a major ally that will extend to congress.

Shimura, in a separate interview, said he will not comment on his mother’s statements. He said he will stay with One Cebu because he did not see the point of leaving the party.

“I will continue to support the governor and I will try to do my best as a legislator.

I will continue to support the programs of the governor,” he told Sun.Star Cebu.

Meanwhile, Garcia said the officers of the League of Vice Governors of the Philippines (LVGP)n have decided not to get involve with her ongoing conflict with Cebu Vice Gov. Gregorio Sanchez, Jr.

Cagayan Vice. Gov. Leonidas Fausto, LVGP president, and Vice Gov. Miguel Maamo were scheduled to meet with Garcia but they just settled the issue over the phone.

Garcia said she explained to them the reasons behind the issues raised by Sanchez. She said the vice governor’s consultants were recalled because they were used only for Sanchez’s personal gain and livelihood. She also said that she needed to strictly monitor spending of the Legislative Assistance Fund to guard it against abuse.

“They have fully realized the implication if they interfere.” Garcia said.

She said the officers told her that the reason they visited Sanchez was because they are sugar planters and were interested on what he had to share since he is into organic farming. She said they were shocked when they saw journalists asking them

about the resolution presented by Sanchez.

Garcia said the two officials now understand that what Sanchez presented were mere allegations.

“I’m amazed how this guy can twist facts but it all boils down to his concern of his negosyo,” Garcia said.

Sanchez said Garcia failed to grasp the issue and was merely muddling it. He said all he wanted to do was to protect the provincial legislature from encroachment.