PRESIDENT Noynoy Aquino, despite belt-tightening pronouncements, hiked lawmakers’ pork barrel in next year’s budget from P6.9 billion this year to P22.3 billion-–a whopping 223.18 percent increase.

The P15.4-billion increase is supposed to finance infrastructure projects.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

All the 270 congressmen and 23 senators may now hold their hands together and sing the Creole song “Kumbaya.”


PNoy must have realized the pork barrel, though vilified and long sought to be abolished, is the equitable way of ensuring every district gets a fair share of the taxes collected from the people.

But his fight against corruption has just moved the cross-hair away from Congress.

Politicians, they say, always come to where the pork barrel is.

Who says pork isn’t good?


PNoy’s Truth Commission hasn’t started its work yet, but its head, former Supreme Court Chief Justice Hilario Davide Jr., has become the target of some scurrilous verbal barrage from Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada.

Davide, who has survived an impeachment attempt, is now facing a “twister” that Sen. Estrada unleashed.

But the former chief justice is now on uneven grounds, when his attacker, Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama said, is hiding behind parliamentary immunity.


I finally got the lyrics of “Sugbo,” Cebu’s provincial hymn from Cebu Provincial Board Member Julian “Teban Escudero” Daan.

The lyrics are haunting and, in a nutshell, tell us of Cebu’s rich cultural heritage.

Teban Escudero was right-–the song makes us feel proud of Cebu.


While officials were still talking about implementing a curfew in their localities, Lapu-Lapu City has enforced its own curfew since last February.

Their curfew has so far netted 376 minors, Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Radaza said.

Some officials said it’s difficult to implement a curfew.

Well, Lapu-Lapu has shown the way.