THE so-called "broken bowl" that recently injured a City Central pupil has quite drawn a critical response from the City Government of Cagayan de Oro.

Sounding the alarm bell, Councilor Adrian Barba reiterated his call for all school heads in the city to check on the structural safety and facilities in their school buildings.

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Barba, who chairs the City Council committee on education, said any alarming defect that can be noticed must be reported immediately for proper action and evaluation.

Last Monday morning, an eight-year-old girl, Ruth Angela Cunanan, suffered injury in her right thigh when the toilet bowl in one of the City Central classrooms that she used apparently collapsed.

Barba said there was also a report that an old school building somewhere in Lanao province also caved in, resulting in the injury of some pupils.

"Age-old structures in public schools must be looked into so as to avoid any repetition of alarming incidents like this," Barba, said.