JUNGLE attire courtesy of Maresa Engo and Ma' Mia Photo Studio Photographer: Mia Lynn Obligacion of Ma' Mia Photo Studio Make-up by Chubby of Ma' Mia Photo Studio, 2nd Flr, Villa Angela, Metro Plaza

The 112th Independence Day celebration in Bacolod City was made more memorable this year with the holding of the "Daan Banwa" photo exhibit and the production of the "Maragtas Sang Bakulod" DVD, both the brainchild of Miss Jona Macaranas of the Bacolod City Archives, official repository of the city's historical documents which date back to the year 1894.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

One comes to know about this special office often by accident when one goes to the Bacolod City Library to do some reading or research. I myself was a walk-in visitor to the Bacolod City Archives in 2008. Miss Jona was assigned thereat since July 2007. She is presently a working professional taking up Bachelor of Library and Information Science at the La Consolacion College-Bacolod during Saturdays. Her ambition in life is to manage a big library someday, in keeping with her nature as an organizer and a collector of things.

Miss Jona however is not the typical librarian with the spectacles and the combed up hair. She is actually a Christina Gonzales look-a-like who's quite an eye-catcher and headturner as she makes her way downtown after office hours. She reveals that she is of Spanish descent and a loving daughter to parents Oscar and Belinda Guevarra. This explains her mestiza features and exceptional height of 5'3". Her favorite color is lilac and she likes to combine the colors red and black in her outfits. She likes to dress up and patronize branded items in keeping with her executive image.

One expects Miss Jona to be a party-goer but she is actually a homebody who prefers to spend her free time in house beautification. Even her "dirty kitchen" is clean and spic and span. Her dream house includes a beautiful garden complete with a water fountain, flowers, birds and butterflies. She also envisions a kitchen where she could discover new recipes and test her cooking skills. At times, Miss Jona can be seen in front of her computer laptop playing the computer game Plants vs Zombies.

At the Bacolod City Library, she participates in storytelling sessions for elementary students. The story "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" came to life with Miss Jona's storytelling skills and colorful attire adorned with butterfly wings.

If she could be an animal, Miss Jona would choose to be a dove. It symbolizes the peaceful nature of this woman who would meekly submit in the face of conflict.

Her favorite verse in the Bible is from Matthew Chapter 6 Verse 33 which says that "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." Miss Jona believes in a Supreme Being who created all the wonderful things in nature. She is a devoted Baptist who regularly attends Sunday worship service and is actively involved with the Kids Ministry.