THROUGH the Palette's Eye is the ongoing exhibit at the Indigo Gallery of BenCab Museum along Km. 6 Asin Road, Baguio City. This is a collection of pallete art from different contemporary visual artists by Melannie and Rico Hizon.

The Hizons explain that the palette is used as an alternative canvas for artistic expression that started in 2003 when they asked Ben Cabrera himself to begin the concept. The diverse styles, techniques, and learning experiences of the contemporary artists breath life to this art exhibit.

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Ige Ramos and his Memory Book uses the palette as cover to his book that jumps out as a collection in itself of items found around this contemporary age. He says we should have opened the book to find out what was in it but we were conscious of the fixed gaze of the gallery staff who would have struck our sticky fingers if we touched it. Frank Cimatu said the signs shouted "Do Not Touch" and so we behaved, containing the itch.

I fell in love with Sherwin Tan's "When God Writes Your Love Story" with two palettes back to back. This frame shows how one could look forward to falling in love. We are like curious cranes eager to snatch the red dot. But too soon do we also learn to flee the red dot when the waves get a bit rough.

Aviado and his mastery of printmaking carved the palette for his "Palette of People". To complete the process, his negative print became a positive or a print in another frame sans the palette, only the etch.

"Darnang Dabiana" by Borlongan was a departure from the serious themes of the other artists. Touching on contemporary icons, it is a reflection of the state of health these days. The dream of having a beautiful body can come true with a facade.

Lydia Velasco's "Life Within a Shell" is a dialogue too about how we can reduce life to a shell. We can control and hold it but how we perceive it is another discussion.

Kiko Escora's "The Kiss" plots the oval of the palette between lips, as if to object to the kiss in itself. While on another angle, you think that it is a kiss between the same sex which is not yet accepted in this day and age.

Malang is unmistakably Malang in strokes and colors in "Woman Vendor". The colors and the geometric lines are unmistakably the master's signature.

The Indigo Gallery is filled with more than 50 of these works using different shapes of palettes that the Hizons have purchased in different parts of the world. The collection continues to grow and continues to raise funds for different causes in the Philippines.

The Hizon's say that abroad, the art form is well appreciated and helps gather sponsors for different projects for the country.

Catch the unique show at the Bencab Museum for the month of August until mid-September.

Bencab Museum is a 10-minute drive from Baguio City along Asin Road with a four level gallery of different themes. It has a basement cafe and a garden of organic vegetables. There is also a mountain side across the gallery for hikers. The view from the little park looks down on the estate that is a gallery and park owned by National Artist Ben Cabrera and wife Annie.