BURSTING forth with vibrancy, colors uplift our hearts, touch our deepest feelings and inspire our creative minds.

Dazzling blue, scintillating yellow gold, serene Naples yellow, healing greens, enticing lilac, charming reds, and much more... the list is endless. Captivating each one of us since the dawn of creation up to the present 21st century, they embolden our lives.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

Take my case for instance, as a writer and artist, I look up at the energizing blue skies for inspiration. Imprinting me with love, life and light, the cerulean blue arc of heaven is my guiding color.

Strengthening my daily hours, I receive its gifts of renewal, reinvigoration and restoration.

Walking on the pathway of discernment, my ears perk up at the sound of brown maya birds and my eyes are merrily greeted by white and fluffy clouds.

Innovative ideas, images and indescribable insights pour in flowing abundance. Lighting up our writers' lamp, moving our hands to take pen and paper and delightfully filling up our senses, colors thrill us endlessly.

Today, enkindle your mission in life. Taking a cue from the world of colors, you may pursue your warmhearted red career in writing, or perform your precious lilac nursing tasks, or follow your calm green work in broadcasting. Yes, possibilities are great as you simply take your pick at the same time masterfully implementing your choice of work.

Experiencing your sunrise or 'Aslagan' palette, you can meld or join in the rising purplish, pink, golden orange and lavender display opening up a brand new day. Soaring high on the winds of vitality, you and I can voice out this expression, "Dacal pung salamat...gracias spasibo (Russian) ....I accept the treasure of these newly minted 24 hours."

Color Wheel

Awakening our keen appreciation, the color wheel shows us the way in finding the three essential tones/shades.

Yellow, red and blue form the core of this round pattern. Going, stirring and moving in circle, the color wheel steers us to follow the orbit of tints and hues.

Furthermore, mixing colors is edifying. Mix yellow with red. What do you see?

Orange emerges. Add red to blue. What do you observe? Violet springs forth. This blending expands a long, long way across the globe. This can go on forever.

Yehey! What a magnanimous spectacle and miracle. Yes, dear readers, you and I are one in appreciating the light, shadows and natural complexion of the Universe.


Similar to the sphere of writers, poets, artists and other craftspeople, you may plunge into the planet of print, visual arts and communications. You and I are part and parcel of a wondrous imagery, shape and rhythm of life. Allow yourself to reproduce artistic figures and icons. Touch the synergy of our life by embracing your own and favorite color pattern, style and harmony. Feel freedom stir your spirits.

Have a colorful Sunday. Ciao...See you.