ANGELES CITY -- The Angeles University Foundation (AUF) Center for Culture and Arts conducted its first "Lecture Series on Philippine Cinema and Culture" with movie director Joel Lamangan on Thursday.

The event was mainly set to encourage future media practitioners of AUF to take part in reviving the Philippine movie industry.

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According to Lamangan, the Philippine movie industry has continually declined. He reiterated the difference of movie productions in the 1980's versus now, where foreign films invaded the country.

According to Lamangan, this discourages local film makers to create new movies.

Lamangan shared his experiences from being an "extra" to "kontrabida" of Philip Salvador and Lito Lapid in the early years of his career until he became an assistant director and then a full time director.

Lamangan is known for the films Darna, Flor Contemplacion Story, Blue Moon, and Mano Po among others. He also produced the top-rated "Adik sa'yo" of GMA 7 and is the current director of "Basahang Ginto" and the upcoming movie "Mamarazzi" starring Eugene Domingo. (Joshua Marie Mercado/SSP intern)