REPRESENTATIVE Gabriel Luis Quisumbing (sixth district, Cebu) condemned the use of torture carried out by some Manila policemen last week.

“I condemn in the strongest possible terms the employment of torture as a method of interrogation. Human rights must be respected at all times and there is never just cause to withhold the same," said Quisumbing in a statement.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

"I am sending to the floor my version of the Whistleblower's Protection Act so that the persons that bring these matters to the attention of the public will be assured of protection under our laws,” he noted.

Quisumbing’s proposed Whistleblower’s Protection Act, or HB 2675, expands its definition by recognizing any person who has knowledge on illegal conduct especially constituting graft and corruption.

It will also set a mechanism that will secure and protect all informants against reprisal and against administrative, civil or criminal liability; ensure public disclosures are made to proper authorities; and establish a monetary reward system as a form of incentive.

The lawmaker commended the brave soul who submitted the video to the media, assuring that “with the passage of this measure, public participation for good governance will be practiced because there’s a law that will protect all informants”.

Meanwhile, the Palace orders the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to conduct anti-torture and human rights seminars to avoid a repeat of the incident.

Presidential spokesman Herminio Coloma said Malacanang supported the call for the conduct of re-orientation programs for the police, the National Bureau of Investigation agents and other law enforcement members.

"Gusto nating tiyakin na hindi na mauulit iyung kalunos-lunos na nakita ng ating nga kababayan na pag-torture sa isang suspect sa isang police precinct sa Tondo, Manila," Coloma said.

An amateur video showed a civilian-clothed policeman beating a naked suspect inside a community precinct in Manila.

Aside from the physical blows, a rope had been tied to the private part of the suspect which the police officer pulls after every blow accorded the suspect who was already lying on the floor.JMR/Press release/Sunnex)