A POLICEMAN from the Mobile Patrol Group (MPG) who is detailed at the Talamban Police Station was arrested and his government-issued .45 pistol was confiscated in Lapu-Lapu City yesterday morning.

He was accused of firing shots in the presence of some civilians and threatening his wife and brother-in-law.

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PO3 Alvin Quimbo was reportedly fighting with his wife, Lalaine, moments before the incident. He stood in the middle of the road to force his brother-in-law Guilbert Berdin, who was driving his wife’s multicab, to stop. Although Berdin slammed on the brake, Quimbo allegedly shot the vehicle’s front tires and fired additional shots in the air.

This happened a few meters from Quimbo’s house in Barangay Gun-ob. He declined to be interviewed by reporters after his arrest.

SPO4 Gaspar Magdadaro said that Quimbo fired several shots with his service pistol during a fight with his wife. The brother-in-law, he added, was trying to calm Quimbo down, but the policeman told him not to interfere.

After hearing reports of the commotion, the Lapu-Lapu City police sent a team that arrested Quimbo.

Witnesses, police said, reported that Quimbo yelled at his wife to get down from the multicab after shooting the two front tires. He reportedly fired more shots, until his wife stepped out.

Magdadaro said the police will file complaints for illegal discharge of firearms and causing a scandal against Quimbo, who is currently detained. This is in addition to any complaint his wife may decide to file against him, with the help of the PNP Women’s Desk.

Magdadaro assured that Quimbo, despite being a policeman, received no special treatment and was handled like other detainees.