THE reactivated Cebu City Anti-Indecency Board (CAIB) will officially start its mission this week, by reminding some business owners of the existing ordinance against indecency.

Dr. Lucille Mercado, the new CAIB chairperson, said they will communicate with business establishments, particularly beer houses, bars, theaters, publications, DVD

stores, spas and massage parlors.

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“The usual excuse right now is that a lot of people don’t know there is an existing ordinance, so, we will tell the establishments so that they will be warned,” Mercado said.

She said the board does not intend to make it difficult for people to do business in the city, but merely wants business owners to help make the city “livable and sustainable.”

Mercado earlier vowed to close any business establishment in the city that is bad for public morals. That includes massage parlors that offer lingam or yoni massage services, which fall under acts prohibited by the anti-indecency ordinance.

The former chairman, Dr. Rene Josef Bullecer, advised Mercado to see to it that CAIB gets the full support not only of the mayor, but also the City Council.

“Kay tingali ug parehas namo sa una nga naa’y blessing sa mayor apan naay ubang konsehal nga dili mo-support sa among buhaton (That’s what happened to us before; we had the mayor’s blessing, but some councilors refused to support our activities),” Bullecer said.

He also said operating funds for CAIB, estimated at P500,000 annually, should be given at the start of the year to make them more effective.

Bullecer also advised Mercado to tie up with different offices at City Hall, particularly the City Treasurer’s Office, Liquor Licensing Division and Office of the Building Official, among others, for a coordinated movement.

He suggested that the new Caib chairperson work with the neighboring cities in Metro Cebu so anti-indecency laws can be updated and enforced metro-wide.

Bullecer admitted that during his time, CAIB operations were limited since they didn’t have the all-out support of City Hall officials and the needed funds.

He advised his successor not to be intimidated by business owners who are close to some City Hall officials, and stay determined to implement the law.