WITH the increasing admission of dengue fever cases this month, on some days up to three children have to share one bed in the pediatric ward of the Cebu City Government’s hospital.

Dengue admissions in their ward increased to around 300 cases so far this month, compared to about 200 cases last month, said Dr. Lee Maratas, head of the pediatric ward of the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC).

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This month, they admit 13 dengue fever patients, on the average, every day compared to eight per day last month.

Maratas urged residents to keep their surroundings clean and insist on early consultation to prevent more cases and deaths.

Meanwhile, the family of a two-year-old girl who died of dengue fever clarified reports that a small pond within their yard could be the source of the dengue fever cases in Sitio San Jose, Barangay Lawaan 3, Talisay City.

There is no vaccine for dengue fever, but early detection saves lives. The Department of Health, in its website, advises bringing potential patients to a hospital if, for two days, these symptoms continue: a high fever, nausea, abdominal pain, weakness, nose bleeds and persistent red spots on the face, trunk or extremities.

Households can help prevent dengue by eliminating potential breeding sites of the aedis aegypti mosquito, like clogged gutters, flower vases and barrels, among others.

Aside from focusing on canals and areas were dirty and stagnant water is usually found, Maratas said, residents should also look at areas where clean but stagnant water gathers.

This mosquito prefers to breed in clean but stagnant water.

Maratas said the rate at which patients are being discharged has allowed CCMC to manage its increasing admissions.

He also said the barangay health centers have helped CCMC a lot, as barangay-level health facilities are now capable of conducting complete blood count (CBC) on potential dengue cases within their areas.

The increase in admissions is also attributed to the active participation of barangay health centers, which refer cases to the city hospital.


Meanwhile, barangay officials of Lawaan III in Talisay City will begin conducting misting operations, after it was reported that seven children contracted dengue fever in their area.

Barangay Lawaan III chief Delia Ybañez told Sun.Star Cebu they will start misting operations today.

Ybañez also corrected a report last Saturday that the yard of the Nahine family in Sitio San Jose was believed to be a possible hotspot for dengue-carrying mosquitoes.

Two-year-old Guada Marie Nahine died of dengue fever in the South General Hospital

last week.

Ybañez said the possible breeding site was not within the Nahines’ yard, but outside, where a murky pool was found.

She added the barangay officials contacted the Talisay City Government regarding their plight. (JKV)