THE country will reportedly experience a greater risk of water shortage in 2020 as the impact of climate change worsens.

Renato Redentor Constantino, executive director of the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities (ICSC), said to avert this, there is a need for the people in the community to develop an advocacy program on climate change mitigation and adaptation and disaster reduction and management.

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Constantino said local legislators in the country must take an active role in planning for mitigation and adaptation programs against climate change.

"They must look deep into the problem and find practical solutions to address climate change," Constantino said during a press conference on climate change held over the weekend.

He said several countries have been giving pledges to the Philippines to help fund projects related to climate change mitigation.

However, he said pledges are just pledges, virtually written on water.

"It is not a question of aid or charity but on how long will the rich countries would give their pledges to help the Philippines. Yes, it is good that there are many pledges, but these are not enough. Many of these pledges have gone through the wrong institutions and in the wrong mode," Constantino said.

He said to fund any mitigating measure, the Philippine government must create a National Survival Fund to make the country more "self-reliant and resilient."

He said a National Survival Committee must be created that would serve as a channel for funding and must be open to the public to make it "corruption-proof."

"Since this is a very big fund coming from local sources in our country, it must require development of adaptation needs and investments database," Constantino said.

He said the government must be transparent to avoid corruption by "retooling" the budget process and must do a lot of "participatory, multi-stakeholder and multi-level governance."

"The essence of this fund is to ensure long-term, predictable funding support to also promote direct access modality and democratizes access to finance," he added.

In two weeks time, Constantino said Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile will file a National Survival Agenda at the Senate.

He said if this agenda will push through, "we will no longer be like beggars asking for alms from rich countries."

"The good thing about having our own funds is to accelerate interface between vulnerability-mapping and mobilization of domestic and foreign adaptation finance, based on vulnerability registers and leadership indicators," Constantino said.

But in the meantime that the survival fund is not yet visible, Constantino called on the people to use practical measures to help reduce climate change, especially in Cagayan de Oro where residents are used to a door-to-door delivery.

"One must practice walking to minimize the use of fossil fuel," he said.

He added pollution is the main issue in the country and that the people must find ways on how to stop pollution such as looking for other alternative ways to minimize the use of fuels that can contribute much on climate change.