THE Philippine National Police (PNP) is starting to reach out to the people by implementing a "transformation plan" on all its personnel.

Police Senior Superintendent Noel Baraceros, program management office chief-of-staff, said this is to recover the "fading" belief of the people to the supposed "savior" in times of trouble.

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Baraceros admitted that the PNP previously experienced a topsy-turvy organizational structure that directly affected police's services to the people. He, however, did not elaborate.

Baraceros was one of the presenters during a forum on Transformation Roadmap 2016 at the Christ Commission Fellowship (CCF) in Cagayan de Oro on Monday.

The forum, attended by representatives from the academe, local police, City Government, church leaders, civic organizations and several leaders from different local media groups, focused on tapping different organizations in helping realign the PNP organization to eventually revive the public's trust to police authorities.

"They will be the ones to tell the police what we're doing and monitor if the law is properly implemented or enforced," Baraceros said.

He said the police, especially those in the higher ups and in the local police stations, must examine themselves through the question "Where are we right now?" for them to formulate some plans to act on it accordingly and address security concerns of the public.

"We will forget the past. We will focus on the present and the future. The past could only be good to remember to learn something from it," Baraceros said.

Baraceros even revealed that previously, there are some police officers, especially in the higher ups, who are on "transactional, and not into transformational."

"Before they would accept assignments or transformational programs, they would ask, 'Anong makukuha ko 'dyan? (what can I get from it?)," he said.

Baraceros said the police must know how to become more "highly capable, effective, and credible." (Loui S. Maliza)