By Zosimo Abratique
Speak Out

THIS has reference to the article entitled: Domogan to vendors: "you do not own the market' appearing in the August 20, 2010 issue of your newspaper.

We take exception to the reference of the Mayor to reports that 'some market leaders organized some vendors and are allegedly persuading them to oppose development plans.

Updates on President Benigno Aquino III's presidency

The BAMARVA now the BAMARVACO has opposed the UNIWIDE development mode but not the market development per se. If you will recall, then Councilor Elaine Sembrano organized a market summit at the Baguio Convention Center. We had the opportunity to present an alternative market development plan as envisioned by the vendors. The schemes were made by Arch. Melchor Maglaqui and his group. He grew up in the City Market and knows its heart and soul. I do not have the slides right now.

These would show that the leaders share in the desire of everybody to have the market developed.

Having been practically born and raised in the City Market of Baguio City and involved in the struggle of the vendors since 1996, I could safely say that not of our leaders oppose the market development per se.

I am Atty. Zosimo M. Abratique. I go to the market every day because I hold office in the heart of the City Market itself.