IT took only 27 days for 60-year old Nestor Bonifacio to be completely healed of his stage 4 prostate cancer. He did not undergo chemotherapy or any open surgery. Bonifacio was cured because of Chinese alternative treatments and his unwavering faith in the Lord.

"Cancer is not the end of the rope," said Bonifacio in an interview with Sun Star. "I had my second chance at life when I decided to offer everything to God."

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Based in California as a retired engineering director for the American President Lines, he shared that when he was diagnosed with prostate cancer back in July 2007, he trusted that America’s best medical facilities will cure him.

He underwent treatments at the University of California San Francisco hospital, a top-of-the-line institute in America. However, in November 2008, Bonifacio noticed that his oral medications were causing him loss of sleep and lack of appetite. He noticed that none of his treatments improved his health.

For a period of time, Bonifacio lost hope in surviving the disease and became suicidal. He did not want people coming to his house; he did not want to see his family. It was as if he finally resigned to the idea of dying.

He remained in that condition until his brother Domingo finally convinced him to try an alternative treatment in China. Domingo did a research on cancer months ago and found out about Fuda Cancer hospital in Guangzhou, China.

"I did not believe him (Domingo). I didn't even want to hear about Fuda," he said.

Bonifacio was initially reluctant to go because of his negative views on China but finally agreed to go in May 2009.

When he got there, he learned that Fuda hospital does not always use chemotherapy on their patients. Instead, the doctors generally practice alternative but scientific treatments. For tumors, especially those non-resectable, they perform cryosurgical ablation (CSA) wherein the tumor is alternately frozen and thawed 2-3 times.

In case the overall condition of the patient does not permit CSA, they perform cancer nano-micro-vascular blockage (CNB). In this procedure, they use an image guided micro-catheter containing minimal dose of chemical drugs which are then inserted into the tumor.

After the CSA and/or the CNB have been performed, the doctors apply combined immunotherapy for cancer (CIC), wherein the systemic immunological function of cancer patients are raised and improved to fight against cancer.

"Fuda is the only hospital in the world that practices these kinds of painless yet highly successful treatments," said Bonifacio.

After undergoing the said treatments, Bonifacio got completely healed in 27 days. He then went back to the Philippines in June 2009.

"I want to redirect my efforts and serve God. I believe God saved me with the special mission to tell Filipinos about the experience I went through," Bonifacio said.

When he went back to the Philippines, Bonifacio spearheaded seminars under his organization, Philippine Volunteers for Fuda (PVF), aiming to inform the people how he was cured of his cancer. He was interviewed by the Manila Bulletin in July 13, 2009. He was again interviewed by Karen Davila in the Correspondents in August 2009.

Bonifacio said that through voluntary efforts, his organization bring Fuda doctors and even Fuda president Kecheng Xu, M.D. As of now, around 50 Filipino cancer patients go seek treatment in Fuda every month. "Cancer patients begin to see hope."

This month, Bonifacio will be back in Davao to bring the same seminar that helped hundreds of cancer patients in the country.

"We are going to bring Fuda doctors and chief president Kecheng Xu to give free consultations to every cancer patient," he said.

The seminar, entitled "Giving hope to those with cancer," will be held on August 28 at the royal ballroom of the Royal Mandaya Hotel from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

The free consultation will take place in the afternoon of August 28, 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. and on the next day, August 29, from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m.

For reservations, please contact Joanne (+6328094453), Mark (+639175235217) or Emily (+6328094453). Maan Laxa