DAVAO City Mayor Sara Duterte tagged this year's Kadayawan Festival as successful even as she said she has a lot of recommendations for next year's celebration.

Duterte said she's happy with the turn out of the week-long celebration but added she has made observations which she would be implemented next year.

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"Happy 'ta sa participation nga gipakita sa taga-Davao ug pagsupporta sa Kadayawan 2010 celebration (We are happy with the participation and the support that the Dabawenyos showed during the Kadayawan 2010 celebration)," Duterte said in a press conference in her office.

"Naging malampuson ang atong selebrasyon ug gusog ang naging supporta gikan sa private sector in fact we could say na 90 percent sa (The celebration was successful and there was a strong response from the private sector. We could say that 90 percent of the) activites during the celebration was from the private sector," Duterte said.

Duterte said she was pleased with the performance of the security enforcers during the celebration. She also acknowledged the contribution of the barangay tanods.

"We already have a good performance, coordination between the police, military and the barangay police so perhaps to improve na lang is a more comprehensive coordination between the stakeholders for security," she added.

Task Force Davao commander Oscar Lactao and Davao City Police Office Director Rene Aspera also noted the peaceful conduct of the festival especially during the days which gathered the most crowd.

"There were accounts of pickpocket during the Indak-Indak and the Pamulak but in terms of keeping the security, generally naging maayos naman. As the goal was the celebration would finish without any major event in terms of security then we could say we were successful," Aspera said during Kapihan sa SM media forum.

The augmentation troops were to be sent off last night with a simple thanksgiving ceremony.


Duterte said she took note of a lot of things that need improvements but will just have to discuss this extensively after the euphoria is gone.

"So I reduced it into writing. I will submit it to the 2010 execom (executive committee) and have the 2010 execom on hold to the next execom for 2011. So they will be working from 2010 to 2011 and considering the observations. They will be making an assessment report on the activities conducted," Duterte said.

Citing one, Duterte said she is dismayed that the street dancing competition Indak-Indak sa Kadalanan was an open competition, saying perhaps there was a "miscommunication" on the matter.

Duterte pointed out that there should be an open category and a Davao City category as it used to be.

"Siguro miscommunication lang sa amoa, that's why na-open siya para sa tanan (perhaps there was a miscommunication between us that's why it became open for all)," Duterte said.

Duterte added that she would be treating the school participants to a meal today.

"Pasalamat sa mga bata nga niapil sa (As a form of thanks to the children who joined the) Indak-Indak there will be a lunch for all of them. There were 14 school participants, all those children, dancers, musicians, I will treat them to Jollibbee," Duterte said.

Few officials present

Of particular concern observed during the main festival events was the poor attendance of government officials present on stage at the Rizal Park as audience of the events.

The City Councilors who stayed during the Indak-Indak sa Kadayawan on Saturday were Councilors Melchor Quintain, Pilar Braga, Nilo Abellera Jr., and Jimmy Dureza. Those who were present Pamulak floral float parade were Councilors Quintain, Braga, Al Ryan Alejandre, Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz, leah Librado, Conrado Baluran, Karlo Bello, and Rachel Zozobrado.

Fewer still were department heads present during the celebrations at Rizal Park, whose number you could only count with one hand.

To this, Duterte said she has no control over the official's time and would not make it a mandate that government officials be present during the main events.

"They are asked to attend, the department heads and the councilors. I don't know whether they were present during the other events, not necessarily the main events (in Rizal Park) but dili nato gunit ang time sa mga tao (we do not hold peoples' time). Everybody is welcome to come and go during the events," Duterte said.

Duterte also confirmed that Vice Mayor Rodrigo Duterte did not witness the celebrations at the Rizal Park.

The mayor during the Floral Float parade also did something for the first time at around 8:30 a.m. Duterte announced that the people can sit on stage as most of the seats were empty.

"Dili man to (Those were not) reserved seats. These are open for everybody except gahapon gi-announce nako nga especially katong mga naay dala nga mga bata nga nainitan (it was just that on Sunday I announced this, specifically for those mothers who have thier children with them, standing under the heat). I asked them to come on stage to make them comfortable," Duterte said. (Jade C. Zaldivar)