THE leaders of the Sanguniang Kabataan (SK) in Misamis Oriental and Cagayan de Oro voiced their opposition to proposals seeking the abolition of youth councils in the country. 

The young leaders are saying they are being unfairly judged.

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Kreena Vi Poquita, Cagayan de Oro SK Federation president, lamented that allegations of corrupt practice hounding the youth organization “degrades the integrity of youth leaders.”


“If they call us corrupt and use this as justification for the abolishment of the SK, then all government sectors must also be abolished,” Poquita said.

She said the irregular use of SK funds should not only be blamed on youth leaders, as allocations are being controlled by their elders in the village council.

“We really do not have direct access to money matters. Most of the time, we are the scapegoats of those who steal the funds,” she said.

Misamis Oriental SK Federation President Den Carlo Q. Estenzo shared Poquita’s sentiments.

In a privilege speech Monday, Estenzo said reform was more acceptable alternative than scrapping youth councils.

“Instead of diminishing its functions, lets reform it and strengthen it, especially that SK has produced successful good leaders,” he said.


In this connection, Estenzo sponsored a resolution supporting House Bill No. 1963, otherwise known as “An act to strengthen and reform the SK”, amending certain provisions of the Local Government Code of 1991. (ALR/NJM)