CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- The Kapampangan A Lulugud at Matapat (Kalam) convened on Tuesday the Provincial Government’s 230 quarry checkers and shift supervisors and briefed them anew on their specific duties and responsibilities.

Kalam (which means grace) operations head Filologo Rodriguez said the briefing, done in three shifts, provided the quarry checkers and shift supervisors manning the various checkpoints in the province with proper guidelines and specific “dos and don’ts” relative to the efficient and effective delivery of quarry related services.

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Rodriguez said that highlight of the one-hour briefing was the signing of the individual work commitments of the quarry checkers and shift supervisors as they agreed that violations of any of its provisions are grounds for removal from work.

“Our quarry operation is anchored on trust and we want to make sure that all our workers remain trustworthy and perform their functions and duties diligently,” Rodriguez said.

During the first month of Governor Lilia Pineda’s administration, the quarry operations earned a total of P23,505,000 income for the province, Rodriquez reported.

Aside from the full support of the governor and the cooperation of municipal mayors in the province, this achievement is also credited to the honesty and commitment of the quarry workers from the checkers to the supervisors.

“Mataas ang quarry collection dahil sa matapat ninyong trabaho kaya sana huwag ninyong sirain ang tiwalang ito,” Rodriquez told the checkers and shift supervisors.

While on official duty, the quarry frontline workers are required to wear the prescribed uniform and identification card, maintain orderliness and cleanliness of their respective checkpoint and premises, monitor the transport of gravel, sand and lahar materials from quarry areas, check and verify the validity of necessary permits, he said.

Rodriquez explained that allowing a hauling truck to pass without tearing off the corresponding ticket is a “mortal sin” for the quarry checker and shall be a cause for dismissal from work.

He also cautioned the workers to avoid accepting free meals or any such kind from anyone as he feared that this would lead to corrupt practices.

He enjoined the checkers to immediately report to their shift and area supervisors any illegal quarry-related activities monitored in the province.

“Your duty as checkers is not limited to the checkpoint where you are assigned and you are obliged to report any untoward quarry-related incident within the province.”

In addition, the checkers are tasked to check the authenticity and validity of original receipts and monitoring tickets, confiscate and seize illegally-sourced sand and lahar materials as well as report violators.

Kalam consultant Floriano Rivera explained that the said briefing was aimed to prevent the quarry workers from committing work-related violations.

He added that Kalam would also be conducting a monthly assessment of the performance of its workers, which shall cover the individual delivery of duties and responsibilities and behavioral indicators as well.

“Let us all work for the crusade of Governor Pineda and make sure that we all deliver clean and honest work,” Rivera enjoined the quarry checkers and shift supervisors. (Erlinda T. Yutuc/Pampanga PIO)