THE remains of the slain victims and those who survived will return to Hong Kong on Wednesday afternoon, a television report said.

The bodies of some of the victims of the hostage taking incident have been transferred to two funeral homes in Manila.

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The remains of Tse Ting Chung Masa, 30, Fu Cheuk Yan, 39, Yeung Yee Kam, 46, Yeung Yee Wa, 45, Wong Tze Lam, 50 are at a funeral home in Paco, Manila.

On the other hand, the bodies of Leung Song Yi Jessie, 16, Leung Doris Chung See, 20, and Leung Ken Kam Wing were brought to the Archangel Funeral Home in Vicente Cruz, Manila.

Those who survived the hostage incident are Li Yick Biu, Li Fung Kwan, Tsang Yee Lai, Fu Chung Yin, Fu Chak Yin, Wong Ching Yat, Leung Jason Song Xen, Chang Kwok Chu Joe, Lo Kam Fun, Lee Ying Cheun, Ng Amy Yau Wong, Yik Zhu Ling, and Wong Cheuk Yu Tracy.

A send-off ceremony for the victims will be held in Malacañang today before the departure. (Sunnex)