THE Export Development Council (EDC) yesterday gathered Cebuano exporters for a consultation on the drafting of the three-year Philippines Export Development Plan (PEDP).

The EDC, in coordination with the Bureau of Export Trade Promotions (BETP), is now preparing the PEDP 2011-2013, which will chart the strategies to increase the export revenue of the country, employment generation and other economic activities as embodied in the Export Development Act.

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Both agencies are under the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI).

BETP director and EDC executive director Senen Perlada said the regional consultation is meant to gather feedback from exporters on the development of the three-year trade strategy roadmap for the export industry.

He said the planning will empower exporters as they can outline their opportunities, strategies and concerns.

The consultation on PEDP with the various exporters was held at the Cebu Grand Hotel. Cebu was the council’s last stop of the regional consultation. The three-year trade strategy will be presented to Malacañang in October.

DTI special consultant Serafin Juliano said the export roadmap will also be one of the bases for the continued release of an export support fund from the government that will help finance efforts to promote Philippine products.

Fiscal policies

“But we will still contextualize this within the government’s fiscal policies,” he said, adding that the government is not just considering the revenues exporters will be generating but also the promotion of employment in the country.

Juliano said consultations with Cebu exporters will also help them revalidate forecasts of their respective industries.

“This will also allow us to determine whether the targets set are attainable,” Juliano said.

EDC targets more than 10 percent export growth year-on-year for the next three years, following the upbeat performance of the country’s merchandise exports. Exports in the first half of the year posted an increase of 37.7 percent to $23.71 billion. This year’s export growth drivers are electronics and service sectors and some agricultural products, according to the National Statistics Office.

“We hope to get real growth forecast of all the export industries in Cebu,” said Allan Suarez, EDC representative for the Visayas.

He said the data will help justify needed support funds for the sector.

Top markets

Aside from growth targets, the council also hopes to determine the top markets of Cebu exporters. Markets forecast to achieve faster economic recovery rates are primarily India, China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).

The draft also proposes to “capture export-oriented investments from Europe and Japan” and to increase in the participation in “global supply chains” with India, China and the Asean.” It also recommends to maximize existing free trade agreements and to

engage in emerging economies with rapid recovery rates.

Suarez said the industry roadmap will also be crossed-referenced with the Medium Term Development Plan currently being drafted by the National Economic Development Authority.

He said he is hoping the roadmap will be implemented early next year.