THE City Council in its 8th regular session last Monday presided over by Vice Mayor Daniel T. Fariñas finally passed the proposed resolution of City Councilor Erdolfo V. Balajadia seeking the return and re-transmittal of previously unsigned resolutions back to the office of the City Mayor for consideration and appropriate action.

It can be recalled that in my previous column I mentioned that several resolutions passed by the council were returned unsigned by the previous administration. Now with the new mayor signifying his intention to place under consideration the said unsigned resolutions the august body has agreed to re-transmit the unsigned resolutions back to the office of the city mayor.

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A perusal of these unsigned resolutions show that a majority are resolutions of commendation and expressions of gratitude by the City of Baguio for the voluntary service, donations and assistance extended by individuals, groups, associations, organizations and business entities in the rescue and relief operations for the victims of typhoon "Pepeng".

These expressions of grateful acknowledgment as well as commendation is a laudable action on the part of the city to grant recognition to the unselfish efforts shown by concerned individuals and groups in the City of Baguio. These commendations will certainly enrich the hearts of those who went out of their way to help their fellowmen who were unfortunate enough to become victims of the devastating weather calamity that struck the city last year.

It is therefore only fitting that it be made part of the official record of the city officially granting recognition and appreciation, for the selfless and generous deeds done by these individuals and groups in the city.

As further recognition of these laudable efforts allow me to once more mention these individuals and groups so that it will be more widely and publicly known that here in the city of Baguio we have such kinds of individuals and groups willing to extend a helping hand during times of crises and calamities. These good Samaritan groups and individual are the following: Golden Pine Hotel, 45 Hotel, Baguio Patriotic School, 50's Diner, New Life Christian Center, Baguio Water District, La Nina Water Delivery, Dickman's Water Delivery, TEJ Water Delivery, Baldonado Water Delivery, BIP Water Delivery, HGL Water Delivery, Sunshine Water Delivery, Dipasupil Water Delivery, Mr. R. Water Delivery, Aquabel Water Delivery, Rolania Water Delivery, Holy Water Delivery, 919 Water (spectrum), Radyo ng Bayan, Grace Bible Academy, Tiong San - Harrison, Tiong San - La Trinidad, Sunshine Supermarket, Small World Christian School, Boaging Bakeshop, Baguio City National High School (BCHNS), Café by the Ruins, Pines Studio, Sizzling Plate, Hotel Supreme, Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) and Maverick Go.

Meanwhile, the city council during its regular session was able to act on sixty nine items in the agenda with four matters being noted, four matters forwarded to various offices concerned, three matters given favorable review, three requests for accreditation granted, four matters returned to their respective proponents for further study, and three new matters approved on first reading. These actions done by the city council were made thru an omnibus motion on the basis that these were not contentious issues and does not require much discussion and deliberation.

On the other hand the city council also acted in either approving or deferring other matters in the agenda after careful deliberation and discussion by the members interjecting their opinions, suggestions and recommendations. Out of the remaining items in the agenda not included among those acted upon thru an omnibus motion the august body approved twenty nine items including the above resolution of Councilor Balajadia seeking the re-transmittal of unsigned resolutions back to the mayor's office.