THE best marketing strategy will not work for Baguio if the garbage problem is not solved.

"Anything we do to protect Baguio's image would be useless if we cannot manage solid waste disposal," Rep Bernardo Vergara, a member of the House committee on tourism, said.

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Vergara said this is one reason why city officials are working overtime to come up with strategies on how to best implement provisions of the Solid Waste Act.

He said the City Government is in the process of buying equipment and constructing materials recovery facilities so household waste could be taken care of in MRF clusters.

Earlier, representatives of the General Services Office visited the composting plant of Malabon City.

The machine composts two tons of biodegradable waste. For Baguio, city officials are planning to buy a machine which could process a bigger volume.

The city is also exploring other technologies like a European equipment, which converts garbage into electricity.

The technology will be offered for free and the counterpart of Baguio would be to find a two hectare site where machines will be installed.

It would reportedly take a year for the company to install the machines. (Rimaliza Opiña)