A FAMILY of four was nearly pinned to death when a boulder smashed their house in Sitio Tigib, Barangay Lagtang, Talisay City Wednesday night.

The huge rock barely missed spouses Danilo and Helen Rallos and their two children, as they were in the kitchen when the boulder fell on the roof, directly hitting their living room.

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The same rock, the size of a tricycle, continued to roll down and slammed into a house owned by Emiliana Beltran, a widow.

Luckily, Beltran, her daughter and two grandchildren were out of the house when the rock hit their house at 9 p.m.

Almost simultaneously, three more houses owned by Mark and Vivian Paranta, Leonardo and Maribeth Cabillon and Roldan and Lolita Tancinco were damaged when separately hit by falling rocks.

The rumbling sound of boulders falling sent some residents into panic and they scampered to safety upon hearing a neighbor warning them of a landslide.

Heavy rains had reportedly weakened the soil on the upper edge of the hilltop in Sitio Tigib, sending rocks falling to the houses below.

Former Lagtang barangay captain and now City Councilor Celiapo Cabue-nas immediately requested the City Engineering Office to inspect the hilltop as two more boulders were reportedly in danger of falling.

Only a vine reportedly kept these rocks from falling to the ground some 100 meters from the hilltop.

“The residents are now finding ways to remove the rocks that hang on the edge of the hill,” said Barangay Secretary Renato Cabradilla.


Barangay officials partly blamed the unabated cutting of trees in the area for the landslide.

Cabuenas also sought the help of the City Social Welfare and Development office to give assistance to the affected family.

Cabuenas earlier called on City Hall to expedite the transfer of the residents in Sitio Tigib to a government resettlement site.

These families have been living at the foot of a hill along the narrow Toledo Wharf road in Barangay Lagtang.

Cabuenas said a landslide already occurred two years ago, making the Lagtang-Toledo road impassable to motorists.

The Mines and Geosciences Bureau 7 has identified Talisay City’s upland villages as one of the areas in Cebu that is prone to landslides and flashfloods.

Meanwhile, Association of Barangay Councils (ABC) President Osmundo Manreal Jr. is calling on City Hall to prioritize the construction of an open canal in Barangay Pooc to protect a public school from getting flooded during heavy rains.


Manreal’s call came after flooding occurred in the playground and the ground level of a school building with seven classrooms at Pooc Elementary School (PES) yesterday.

Manreal said flood waters from the neighboring Barangay Mohon settles at the school ground because it is lower.

Still, it was a regular school day at PES. The school children, though, had to take off their shoes or slippers in going to their classrooms.

But school officials are worried that the students will get sick.

To prevent flooding in the school, Manreal suggested the construction of an open canal at a junction near the house of former provincial board member Juan Bolo.

He said the open canal must be built all the way to the riverbank of Mananga.

He said the opening of a road canal is the only solution to the problem while the City Government still has to implement its citywide integrated master drainage plan.

Manreal, also Pooc barangay captain, said he brought up the matter to the City Hall but got no response yet.