A group of students from the UNO-R College of Arts and Sciences, Tolentine Star, Kabataan Rekoleto commemorated the 9th anniversary of the brutal Maguindanao massacre. The group was headed by Mass Communication Society President Arriane Gasataya and KR chairman Howard Sapa. Bro. Tagoy Jakosalem gave his message and remind everyone of 3 points. He stressed that as people who love truth, they have to possess a sense of God, justice and vigilance. He also warned the Mass Communication students of the misuse of the power of mass media. The activity ended with the candle lighting ceremony and prayer.

While UNO-R commemorates the deaths of the journalists in Maguinadanao, we were not aware of the standstill hostage drama in Manila. The drama involved another disgruntled public servant and Chinese nationals. It was a very long standstill that would even qualify as a telenovela. The antagonist was a bemedalled policeman. Media reported him to be such an antagonist that majority of the people were looking at him as someone who is bringing the country into great hall of shame.

Post your reaction to the Manila hostage crisis

My daughter was hooked on the television and made many comments against Mendoza. However, as time passes she started asking for reasons why Mendoza was hostaging the foreigners. When she found out that those involved in the drama were tourists, she immediately reacted “Marisi!” She commented that it is good for tourists and foreign investors will no longer pester the country and we will have the country to ourselves. I was a little bit shocked of her opinion, thinking that she is only Grade six.

Many registered their opinions that Mendoza is to be blamed. The Police got no strategies. The Ombudsman’s legal decision was the culprit of it all. The officers of President Aquino for their non-response. The media for exposing all strategies of the PNP. Manny fingers are now pointing at one another. At this point where one is given the chance analyze, one has to really see all angles.

Known for having crooked opinions, allow me to give a crooked analysis. But I like crooked ones because they are most often better than straight analyses. There were many opinions that came out on forms of media but many pointed to the wrong act of Mendoza. However, I see that the Mendoza tragedy is a tip of the ice berg.

I know many multi-awarded retired policemen who undergone a great deal of legal battle before getting their retirement benefits. Some have even passed away before getting their justice. It is like a culture in the Philippines that when a government service man is about to retire, everything is being scrutinized and checked so that one could not get his due. In the police force, many were charged of petty crimes and they are made to suffer. Mendoza was dismissed not for his incompetence but may have been caused of jealousy in the organization. Accusations were hurled against him that destroyed his career as policeman. Could he blamed for his act of anger?

After the drama, Young people in the facebook accounts and in the streets have varied reactions. I admire that many students from UNO-Recoletos reacted with all the critical and analytical comments regarding the event. One prompted to say that this is simply an isolated case and no need to blow up the issue. What is needed is that we have to capitalize on the goodness of the country. Another said that this is a turning point in our history.

A local TV network immediately had a Human Rights expert to analyze the situation which the discussion ended with putting blame to the left. It prompted the host to once again come out with the stupid statement of “why is it that when men in uniform dies, no one rallies behind him ; but when a rebel dies, radical and peoples’ movement mourn his death.” This is an irresponsible statement that would come from a newsreader who has to remain unbiased on issues.

My comical mind still tells me that the whole event was part of a grand plan to steal the government from Aquino. Whose plan is it? I do not know. The death of Mendoza and 7other victims is a failure but a success to the planners for they have successfully blacken the image of the Philippines and have closed it for travelers. If other nationalities will be involved in similar cases soon, then this is it. In the grand plan, they will have all foreign nationals out of the country and get hold of government . Without the foreign nationals, Aquino will not get support from other countries. The take-over will surely be a success.

One may ask, Where’s the army? Why was it left to the local police? Where are the officials? Where is the negotiator? Where? Where and where?

St. Ezekiel Moreno, Pope John Paul II and Sir Faraon Lopez, pray for us.

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