By Jason Balag-ey

WE CONDEMN up to the highest possible level about the result of the hostage scenario held in Manila dated August 23, 2010. The act is very barbaric, atrocious, merciless, and ungodly that ends the lives of Hong Kong and Chinese nationals who have come to our country to supposedly take pleasure in our culture of hospitability.

The actions of Rolando Mendoza are cruel and harsh examples of selfishness and devilish exploitation against his fellowmen. It is very unlawful! For nobody shall take the law into his own hands.

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The past administrations have established ties of economic and social partnership amongst Chinese communities, and evidently growing all in terms of different positions for the betterment of the international relations. For what happened, how can we address the issues concerning tourism and national security? How can we take a stand in a unified call on serving and protecting our people?

We join the Filipino nation in grieving with the Hong Kong and Chinese Community. We pray that the loving and comforting will of the divine almighty shall prevail. We pray further that vengeance shall not be the response and retort of this dilemma. We pray for the family of the victims.

We entreat and plea to the Philippine government for the immediate welfare of the Filipino community around the world for they may not be the subject of discrimination and prejudice. We demand for the immediate safety of the whole populace in the country; be it Filipinos or Foreigners.

We took the courage to take a social-stand on matters and issues of the society for we believe that this generation belongs to us and our fellow youth. For we do not want to inherit any gibberish form of smears in the next coming years.

Above all, we implore that there should be no more Rolando Mendoza in the making. We trust this merit and value in the name of justice, peace and harmony.

Agbiag tayo amin!

Agbiag ti S.I.