DANGWA Dribblers withered a tough challenge from BBL, 107-101, to win the crown in Bracket A at the close of the 7th Fivers Cup invitational basketball tournament at the La Trinidad municipal gym during the weekend.

Despite taking an early 11 point advantage at the end of the first quarter, 28–17, BBL quickly regrouped and took the Dribblers by storm, earning a 2 point advantage at the close of the second period, 45- 47.

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Both squads then had a see-saw battle in the third period before the Dribblers finally took a 101-98 advantage with 48 seconds remaining in the pay-off canto which sealed them the win.

In the Bracket B, BMRP 2 took the championship edging Mcbels, 89–91, in a hardly contested championship game.

BMRP trailed mostly in the entire ball game but was able to grab hold of the lead with less than 46 seconds remaining in the ballgame, 83-82.

Team Unahco, meanwhile, blasted Jade Computers to win the championship crown in bracket C, 95-73.

A strong rally by the Jade Computers saw them within two, 45-43, after trailing by as high as 12 at the end of the first period.

Unahco easily managed to regain their 12 point advantage by the end of the third quarter 66-54.

Unahco continued to maintain their 12 point lead, 82-70, six minutes in the fourth quarter and finished the game strong with a 12 point victory to claim the championship title.

In bracket D, Toyong Apager nearly bungled a ten point advantage going into the last minute of the ball game and eked out a 94–91 victory against Bong Upholstery.

Agape was leading 83–73 with less than five minutes remaining when Bong Upholstery come up with a searing 17–5 blast which surged them ahead, 88–89, with 58 seconds remaining in the game.

Apagers then came back scoring five unanswered points to regain the lead for good with a 93-89 advantage.

In the bracket E division, Puguis Thoroughbreds won a four point victory against Gambang to claim their title 93–89. (Roderick Osis with reports from Julian Okubo)