THE UNIVERSITY of Baguio has appealed to the members of the technical committee of the Baguio–Benguet Educational Athletic League (BBEAL) to reconsider their athletes.

UB recently filed an appeal after the disqualification of four Cardinals who were supposed to see action in men’s basketball for the 24th season of the BBEAL.

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Among those disqualified where Billy Boado, Segundo Elegores, Alvin Alindoza and Edmund Eugenio after the technical committee found alleged irregularities in their papers.

The technical committee of the BBEAL in its decision dated Aug. 2, disqualified some athletes including those coming from UB based on Article VI section 1.1.3 and article VI section 1.1.1 of the BBEAL rule book.

Among the inadequacies cited by the BBEAL technical committee was the lack of subjects in their previous semester enrolled which is 12 units if not graduating as cited in the case of Alindoza.

Others who failed to make it in the line-up either lacked passing percentage of units enrolled which is 50 percent for non-ladderized and 60 percent for ladderized program courses.

“The pertinent articles used by the technical committee in justifying the disqualification of our athletes lack merit,” said the UB appeal citing section 1.1.3 of article VI is not applicable precisely because from its wordings, it provides for a rule applicable to students who have started ladderized course.

The UB appeal added the rule does not cover a student who shifted from a baccalaureate degree to a ladderized course.

But the BBEAL technical committee in a meeting dated Aug. 2 upheld their earlier ruling and has asked the school to file their replacement for the disqualified players.

Despite the ruling, UB continues to appeal its case hoping to get a reversal adding “we are not satisfied with the committee’s decision and as emphasized in the minutes of meeting last Aug. 10, any school has the right to appeal to the executive committee if not satisfied as to the result of the screening done by the technical committee.”

The executive committee, on the other hand, in a meeting Aug. 14 after the opening of the 24th season convened and upheld the decision of the technical committee.