IN CELEBRATION of the 110th Anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service with the theme, “In a R.A.C.E to serve: Advancing Responsive, Accessible, Courteous and Effective Public Service,” the City Government of Baguio will give awards and recognition to its 229 employees on September 24.

Retired City Assessor Engr. Romeo J. Gomez will be gracing the awarding ceremony to be held at the Prince Plaza Hotel.

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Out of 229 awardees, 166 are loyalty awardees, 33 are nominees for the Outstanding Employee of the Year, seven are to be recognized for pursuing master's degree, one for doctorate degree, and 22 will be presented for being the Outstanding Employee of the Month for the Month of August 2009–June 2010.

Of the 166 loyalty awardees, 62 are awardees for 10 years, 29 for 15 years, 38 for 20 years, nine for 25 years, 10 for 30 years, 15 for 35 years and three for 40 years.

The 10 and 15 years awardees will receive plaque of recognition, the 20 years will receive silver ring with plaque, the 30 years will receive 14-Karat ring with plaque, the 35 and 40 years will receive 18K ring with plaque.

Out of 33 nominees for the Outstanding Employee of Year from the various departments of the City Government of Baguio, 11 were selected as the Outstanding Employees of Year. They were selected based on the criteria set by the committee of the 110th Anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service. The nominees will receive 2,000 pesos with certificate, while the selected Outstanding Employees of the Year will receive 5,000 pesos with plaque.

The employees who finished their masters and doctorate degrees while in the City Government at their own expense will be recognized through plaque of recognition.

Aside from the awarding, the city is also sponsoring a raffle draw on September 6, 13 and 20 and which lucky employees will receive cash awards.

The city also invited seven retirees to join the occasion.

City Human Resource Management Officer and Action Officer of the 110th Anniversary of the Philippine Civil Service, Dr. Estrella V. Bisquera said that this has been a program of the city since 1993 to recognize employees for their contributions in the improvement of city government’s operations.