LA TRINIDAD, Benguet – Mayor Greg Abalos will not retract his decision to ban the sale and storage of chicken dung here.

“Why should I? It’s done!” Abalos said, adding the administrative order stays.

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Abalos said his decision is final on the prohibition of the trade in the Valley, and is just awaiting legal decisions which dung traders raised.

Two cases have been filed against the administrative order questioning the authority of Abalos in issuing the order, and another asking for a reprieve from the order, allowing trade to resume in a regulated manner anew.

Abalos said the decision of the courts will be awaited but until then the administrative order will be implemented.

Past court decisions have tagged the trade as a nuisance because of its foul odor. Technology to keep the dung dry, pure and odorless is still lacking forcing Abalos to ban its trade in the municipality.

The mayor likewise clarified that he has been firm in his stand during the campaign that he is against the dung trade, in a reaction to senior citizen’s allegations that he has backtracked on his campaign promises.

Abalos said he has reiterated that when a technology is developed to take away the smell of chicken dung, the trade can be tolerated.

One of the regulations on the dung trade is for it to be pure and dry before it is transported and sold. This is to lessen the odor, which is deemed a nuisance by the courts.

Abalos said when the time comes the technology is developed, "then the people of Shilan will decide if the trade can return."

“They will be the ones smelling it, they will decide when the time comes.” (Ma. Elena Catajan)