THOUGH Manny Pacquiao has beaten some of their boxing heroes from pillar to post, Mexcian boxers said they don’t hate the Filipino great but are even proud of him.

“We (Mexicans) are also proud of Manny. We also await his fights,” said Pipino Cuevas Jr.

Pacquiao is 10-1-2 with seven knockouts against Mexicans. And that’s not including two American boxers of Mexican descent—David Diaz and Oscar de la Hoya. Diaz got knocked out in Round 9 in 2008, while dela Hoya conceded “no mas” after Round 8.

Pacquiao will face another Mexican fighter, Antonio Margarito, in his comeback fight on Nov. 13 and Cuevas thinks Margarito’s chance of winning is slim.

“I think it will be very difficult for Margarito to win, but since he’s Mexican we’re supporting him,” said Cuevas, the son of the legendary Mexican fighter with the same name who held the World Boxing Association welterweight title in the late 70’s.

Alejandro Barrera, on the other hand, not only has high regards for Pacquiao but also all Filipino fighters in general.

“They’ve shown to be warriors. They’re well prepared, which motivates me to show and give my best in the ring (this Saturday),” said the 30-year-old Barrera, who is the cousin of the great Marco Antonio.

Pacquiao catapulted to stardom with an 11th round knockout of Barrera in 2003.

He also beat Mexican legends Erik Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez.