TWO women are now facing estafa charges before a local court for failing to pay credit card debts.

The accused -- Josephine D. Deligero, a budget department employee of the Banana Garden Agricultural Corporation, and Jovita L. Pelayo of Beary Baker -- were sued by Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation's Bankard Inc. a member of Yuchengco Group of Companies on June 29, 2010.

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Court records showed that the complainant notified the respondents in writing about the outstanding balance of Deligero and Pelayo but, instead of updating and settling the obligations, the debts were not paid.

Deligero, as of April 22, 2008, has an alleged outstanding balance of P82,407.81 plus late charges of P1,826.65, and interest charges of P2,892.82.

Pelayo, as of July 8, 2007, has an outstanding balance of P89,139.68 plus annual membership fee of P1,800 with late charges of P1,759.38, and interest charges of P3,142.43.

In her affidavit, Christine Dajao, Bankard Inc. representative, said despite efforts to collect from the respondents the latter failed to settle their financial obligations.

Bankard Inc., a YGC member, provides RCBC with marketing, distribution, technical, collection and selling assistance and processing services in connection with the operation of RCBC's credit card business.