ICE cream manufacturer Selecta is in need of 30 drivers for its roving ice cream cart.

Councilor Alexander Dacer, chair of the City Council committee on labor and employment, said Selecta channeled its job opening through the Public Employment Service Office (Peso) of the City Government.

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Dacer said interested applicants must be at least high school graduate and must submit their bio-data, barangay clearance and police clearance at the Peso.

“This is a rare opportunity for jobseekers, especially those who did not have a college degree,” Dacer said.

Meanwhile, Dacer advises Kagay-anons seeking for employment abroad through the assistance of PESO and other placement agencies to comply with all the necessary requirements given during the pre-employment and pre-departure orientation seminars in Manila to avoid glitches.

He also reminded those who were accepted for employment abroad to observe the tradition and regulations in the country where they will be working and not to violate rules that might lead to imprisonment or deportation.

“Having an opportunity to work abroad, especially with a good paying salary, is considered very fortunate. I’m advising them to really take care of their jobs to gain extra point from their employers,” Dacer said.

Earlier, Lead agency based in Manila partnered with the city government since 2008 which resulted to the deployment of at least 500 Kagay-anons to Kuwait.

Dacer said for this month alone, around 78 residents were able to find employment as service crews in an American Food Company in Kuwait.

Among those accepted will work at KFC, Taco Bel and TGI Friday.

“We are very fortunate to have agencies that trust us. I am very thankful to them for believing in the ability of Kagay-anons,” Dacer said.