NATIONAL Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) Regional Head Mewchun Pamaran announced Friday that males outnumbered the females in 2007 in the province of Zamboanga del Sur.

Pamaran said 51.1 percent of the 912,687 household population of Zamboanga del Sur in 2007 were males while females were recorded at 48.9 percent based on the data gathered by the National Statistics Office (NSO).

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Pamaran said this represents a sex ratio of 105 males for every 100 females in 2007, which is higher than the sex ratio of 103 males per 100 females recorded in 2000.

Pamaran added that there were more males than females in age groups from zero to 59 years old.

Pamaran said more than half or 54.3 percent of the household population of Zamboanga del Sur were of voting ages ranging from 18 years old and over.

This is higher by 1.9 percentage points than the proportion of voting age group recorded in 2000 of 52.4 percent, Pamaran said.

She said of the voting age group in 2007, 51.2 percent were males and 48.8 percent were females.

The rest of the population was categorized as follows: widowed, 4.8 percent; divorced and or separated, 1.0 percent; had common law and or live-in marital arrangement, 1.9 percent; and, had unknown marital status, 0.4 percent.

Among never-married persons, 55.0 percent were males while 45.0 percent were females.

Males, however, were outnumbered by females in the rest of the categories for marital status.

On the other hand, Pamaran said more females than males pursued higher levels of education as 57.7 percent of those who were reported to have earned academic degrees and 56.7 percent of those who had taken post baccalaureate courses were females.

Pamaran said among household population five to 24 years old, 62.9 percent had attended school at anytime during School Year 2007 to 2008.

Of the total females aged five to 24 years, 65.2 percent had attended school at anytime during the said school year, while school attendance for males was 60.7 percent of the total males aged five to 24 years, Pamaran said. (Bong Garcia)