FOR his unauthorized presence during Monday’s hostage crisis at the Quirino Grandstand, a Manila police official was relieved from his post Friday.

National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) Director Leocadio Santiago Jr. said he has ordered the relief of Superintendent Nelson Yabut for joining the assault team from the Manila Police District-Special Weapons and Tactics (MPD-SWAT) without proper authorization from the ground commander.

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Yabut, a commander of the MPD mobile force, was seen in video footages taken during the assault as the officer with the police bull cap worn in reverse. He was also seen not wearing an armor vest or flak jacket.

“Superintendent Yabut was relieved from his post. He was not part of the crisis committee created to deal with the hostage incident,” Santiago said.

Santiago added that Yabut along with the other police officers involved in the botched operation is being investigated.

Earlier, MPD Director Rodolfo Magtibay was also “relieved” from his post. Magtibay was the ground commander at the hostage site.

Four MPD-SWAT officers, including its team leader Santiago Pascual, have also been administratively relieved from their position pending the results of the probe.

Eight tourists, mostly Hong Kong nationals, were killed by dismissed police officer Senior Inspector Rolando Mendoza.

The hostage taker was killed by a police sniper in the course of the rescue operations. (AH/Sunnex)